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House of Bubbles

A glam slam of Champagne and sparkling wines paired to a casual menu and a disco soundtrack – in Temple Bar this winter!

Before landing on the happy path that is wine, I forayed down a few different colourful paths, the first of which was following my drumming hobby into a music academy in Brighton (the walk to the collage alone was ample life experience for a girl from Ammanford, South Wales, but I digress..). There, amongst other genres, we studied disco, dissecting the makeup of a music that spurred its own subculture of fashion, dance and um, primal liberation let’s say.

At its core, disco is made of a repetitive four on the floor beat, syncopated basslines and a tempo of 120 bpm – the magic formula for a reaction to which, only the dead are impervious– to MOVE.

It starts in the shoulders, subtle at first, a shy but suggestive shimmy, that travels down the torso, gaining momentum until it meets the hips, at which point your fate is sealed. The shimmy progresses into a shuffle of the hips that propels you, almost involuntarily to the dance floor, where you fall viscerally into the pendulum swing of the music and before you know it, you are John Travolta incarnate. Magic! (DISCLAIMER: I absolutely will be bopping my way around your tables during service at this pop up, and ain’t nobody gonna stop me!)

To add to the endorphin fuelled euphoria, disco comes with subwoofers, mirror balls and flashing lights and it is in this sprit that we absolutely have devised it so that your experience at House of Bubbles, starts with the gastronomic equivalent of jumping on that dancefloor and letting rip –

You are welcomed by a glass of Raventós i Blanc’s “De Nit” 2018 (DO Conca del Riu Anoia, Penedés, Spain,) a Champagne style sparkling rosé made biodynamically from indigenous grape varieties from one of the oldest estate’s in Spain, that is well on its way to achieving its vision of creating some of the best sparkling wines in the world (you’ll see).

Now that you and the wine are acquainted, your glass is refreshed and you are met with four different hors d’oeuvres that we’ve designed to light up “Dit Nit” like that disco dance floor.

Catch your breath, and we now move on to your choice of mains, all of which have been chosen as the best dance partners for our headline act – Louis Roederer’s new release – “Collection 242” and we are very proud to say that this pop up will be one of the first dining experiences to showcase this Champagne in Ireland.

Collection 242 is a multi vintage cuveé, made from a blend of the Perpetual Reserve and oak-aged reserve wines – the youngest of which, from 2017, is the 242nd harvest chez Roederer. Collection 242 is the natural progression from Roederer’s swtich to organic and sustainable viticulture and the pursuit of freshness in the context of climate change and a vinification ethos that now brings it into the same class as the Jaquesson 7 series and Krug’s Edition.

Finally, we finish with a bit of fun and surprise, with Domaine Renardat-Fache, Cerdon du Bugey AOC, France, 2020 - an off-dry méthode ancestrale wine, made from Gamay and Poulsard grapes, grown on the southern slopes of the Jura and lies at a pinnacle point of vinous adventure, where shimmying sideways would get you in either Beaujolais or Savoie and shimmying up and down would take you to either Burgundy or Jura in the north and the Rhone in the south (apt no, for a “disco” wine!?). We serve this with a selection of sweet and savoury bites, because Bugey Cerdon can dance with anyone.

Tickets are on sale now on the House of Bubbles website and the response has been phenomenal! I cannot think of a better way to blow the cobwebs off and finish 2021 with a joyous and celebratory dining experience with your nearest and dearest!

See you there!

Cathryn X

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