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Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Launching in autumn 2020, Wine Rover is an intelligent platform that will take you on a tailored and personal journey through the world of wine. What makes this platform different is that this journey is unique to you, the individual member. It starts with you, wherever you are, at home, in the shops, or sitting at a table in your favourite restaurant. By celebrating your preferences and tastes as they are now, Wine Rover begins to learn, first exploring and then expanding your horizons in the world of wine, bringing down the barriers and creating new possibilities.    Wine Rover does this through platforms such as:

  • The Wine Rover Wine Club - Wine Rover hunts down wines selected especially for you and secures them at preferential member pricing, delivering an unprecedented wine experience right to your door!

  • Backstage access to Wine Rover content including the Wine Rover Food Pairing Series with your favourite chefs and restaurants.

  • Early-Bird access to events such as the Wine Rover Dining Club and Wine Rover Tastings.

  • Advanced access to the intelligent Wine Rover App, the first wine app of its kind!

For a membership fee of around €15 a month, all of this and more can be with you, wherever you are. Interested in becoming a member and learning more? Then follow your nose and sign up to our mailing list!

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